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Friday, May 13, 2011

Quilt Market Post #1

(This post is delayed due to blogger being down for several days!)

We’ve arrived in Salt Lake City for International Quilt Market and checked in at the Salt Palace Convention Center.   If you’ve never seen pictures of the Quilt Market floor, it can be overwhelming.  See below for a couple of sneak peek views (the exhibits don’t actually open up until Friday morning).  There are twenty nine aisles of exhibitors with 15-19 booths on each side of the aisle, with several intersecting rows for traffic flow to move across the aisles from one end to the other.

View 1

View 2
We’ll post more pictures of the lovely fabrics that will be coming to The Quilted Castle soon.
Salt Lake is nestled in between the Rocky Mountains, and there are some decent views of them from our Hotel room on both sides (Radisson). 

View looking left from our window:

View looking right from our window:


  1. I have been having lots of fun looking a all your lovely fabric and dreaming of what can be created. I am glad I found you !!

  2. I love your fabic and you have AWESOME to work with. Thank you!!

  3. That looks like a lot of fun!