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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fabric Matcher from Moda

Have you tried out Moda's Fabric Matcher yet? If not, you should go check it out. Here you can download your favorite pattern, select some Moda fabrics (or upload pictures/scans from your own stash) and see a finished quilt project with the fabric you have selected! Pretty neat, huh?

Membership is free - all you have to do is go to and register. Feel free to add any comments here or tips for those of you who are already experts at this!

Creating a new project with fabrics and a pattern is very easy.
1. Find a pattern for your project – In the New Project box on the left click on the Find Pattern link and search for a pattern to save into your project box. It will also tell you how many fabrics you need to fill the pattern.
2. Find fabrics for your project - Click on the Find Fabrics link at the bottom of the fabric box – browse through theme or designer, choose by color or by uploaded image. You can also upload your own photos (see our example quilts below!)
3. Each time you find a fabric you like, add it to your fabric box. This fabric will then appear in the fabric box to the left. You can save up to 15 fabrics in your fabric box.
4. Once you have added a pattern and fabrics, then click on the Create Project button
5. Click on the Add Fabric link and you can choose from your fabric box. The pattern will automatically fill up as you choose fabrics.
6. You can easily change the fabrics around by clicking on Change Fabric and then re-select the fabric to use
7. You can use the same fabric as many times in the pattern as you like
8. You can then view your completed pattern in a large picture by clicking on the enlarge button.
9. Make sure you name your project and save to your online "stash."

Here are a few examples we've played with (kits available on our web site soon). While the large pattern in the middle of the quilt is not true to scale, it gives you the general idea!

Cottage Romance quilt - fabric designer Willowberry Lane for Maywood Studios
Wizard of Oz - Over the Rainbow

Have fun!!

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