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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Moda Scrap Bags are back in stock!

Finally! It seems like it has been forever, but these VERY popular scrap bags have now arrived back in the shop.

Not familiar with the scrap bag??

These bags contain the leftovers from Moda's production of layer cakes (all lines, including seasonal and Christmas prints). Moda swooped in and came up with a clever way to save a scrap! Each bag contain strips of 40 fabrics. Each strip varies from
2" to 4" in width. Each strip is 32" long. Each bags' strips are color coordinated. Approximately 1/2 pound of scraps. Some strips have the selvage and some do not.
Like what you see? You better get them while you can. At only $10, they won't last long!

Moda Scrap Bags

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