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Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Well, Dad!

We had a trip planned to go back to Oklahoma from 10/7 through 10/17 to visit family.
Unfortunately, the day we got there, my father had emergency surgery and had to have almost half of his stomach removed. So much for a good trip back home! He is stable now, and we're just waiting for him to wake up. It is going to be a long recovery, so we're thankful that he has had no major setbacks since the procedure. I sure have seen enough of the intensive care unit at the VA Hospital in Oklahoma City to last me for a lifetime!

I extended my trip through 10/21, so unfortunately, I still have orders from 10/6 that need to be shipped. I will start fulfilling orders in the order in which they were received on 10/22.

A warm thank you to all of you that have reached out and offered your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it very much.


  1. I hope your father continues to recover well. Goodness, life it busy and has so many unexpected turns, doesn't it? I hope things settle down for you soon. Although your vacation was "changed" I'm sure you were glad to be there for support when your father had his surgery. That was surely a blessing in many ways.

  2. My wishes for your Dad's recovery are sent your way.

  3. I've just discovered your marvelous website! A friend told me recently about the Windham paper doll quilt, since I have two little granddaughters, so I am planning to create one for each of them. Do you have the pattern for sale? So sorry about your father's illness. I, too, am dealing with the failing health of my 86-year old father -- in Miami, OK, and also a veteran of WWII. I'll order paper doll fabric soon!
    Warmest regards from Connie

  4. Thank you everyone for the kind words, I truly appreciate it! I haven't had time to post anything here for the last month. I've been so busy trying to catch up on the orders I fell behind on for being gone over two weeks!
    God Bless!