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Monday, August 3, 2009

July Fabric Winner ---- August Free Fabric Drawing

The winner of the drawing for July is Wendy (happyvalley)!! Congratulations, Wendy - you've got mail with a $25.00 gift certificate!


Sign up for our newsletter (use the form at the top of every page of Add a comment to this blog article with your name and email address if you're a new subscriber. If you've made a purchase, please include your order number! Wait and see if you're the winner! (We use to choose the winner based on the number of entries posted). What can I win??

A $25 gift certificate to The Quilted Castle!

BONUS: If you're selected as the winner, and you've included your order number in your post, you can DOUBLE your win and get a $50 gift certificate! Read carefully and follow the instructions - if your name gets drawn and you haven't provided the proper information, we'll draw another name... GOOD LUCK!


  1. Hi
    I just signed up! I love your shop, has a lot of beautiful fabrics.
    My name is Liana
    my email address is lianam83(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. I just recently (last week) placed my first order (1130724) with you. Love, Love, your fabrics.

  3. Hi,

    I have subscribed to your newsletter and I have also ordered from your website in the past, my reservation number was 1094872.
    I do not want to publish my e-mail in the comments but you have it in my old order.

    BTW – your website's graphic is amazing.

    Have a nice day,

  4. I have signed up for your newsletter :)
    I am in awe of your amazing fabric selection!

    hugs ♥

  5. I just signed up too!

  6. I decided from now on I'm going to ask family to send me jelly rolls for birthday and christmas gifts!! I love your site, it's so pretty and I can almost smell the new fabric smell... mmmm

    Sarah Simpson

  7. I just heard about your website from a family member last night. This is really neat. I just signed up for your newsletter and look forward to them.

    Kari Jones

  8. I have signed up for the newsletter.
    Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway!

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  9. Just stumbled upon your shop, and I love it! New customer/subscriber, order #1161914...thanks!
    Diane: (different address than the one I used for my order/newsletter, prefer to keep that one private).

  10. I am a new subscriber. Your site is beautiful--so many wonderful fabrics!

  11. Hi Allyson - I just stopped in to say thank you for sending out that extra piece of fabric to me. It is lovely and arrived *very* quickly.

    And I see that you are having a drawing so I can't resist entering. I've just subscribed - my name is Kathy and my email is Kathy(at)OrangeTabbyStudio(dot)com. The recent order number is 1149417.

    Thanks again!

  12. New customer/subscriber, love your site! Order #1161914
    Diane ( This email is different from the one I use for ordering, thanks.

  13. Hi My name is Tracy and I live in Australia, I have just signed up and placed my first order (1178333). I have just discovered jelly rolls but have never used them so I bought my first two from you. Thank you so much for such a fantastic site.
    my email address is
    kind regards Tracy.

  14. Just found your site and ordered! (Order number 1179137)Love the fabrics, and thanks for the sales! Helps us quilters afford our addiction-uh, hobby! I signed up for your newsletter - here's hoping for a fabric win!!

  15. I'm new to quilting and ordering on line but found the cutest pattern on your web site.

    Order ID : 1166248
    I check the mail everyday. Hurry up mail.

    I'm tooo excited!!!!
    My name is Jodie

  16. HI!
    I received my first order 3 days ago and placed a second order today. The fabric is perfect and I really appreciated how quickly my order was processed and that you included a personally written "thank you" on the invoice.

  17. Just found your site, the selection is really wonderful - Thanks very much, now I just have to decide! there are toooooo many options!

  18. Love your site and fabric! name:Hayley and my email is just got my fabric today and LOVE it. my order number was 1164090. THANKS!

  19. Hi, the fabrics are lovely and I love how they are organized, my name is Ysabel and my e-mail is

  20. I just signed up, and also just submitted an order (that I'm so excited to receive!). My purchase order number is 1194671, and my payment order number is 1251184325592. My name is Holly and my email address is Here's to hoping to win!!!

  21. Oh no! I hope I'm not too late. Love this site. Can't wait for Spring Magic to show up at my door step!

  22. I have added my e-mail address ( to your subscribition . I look forward to the incoming newsletters. I looked at your shop sometime ago but couldn't devote much time to see all what you offer, so I book-marked your site. Boy, I am glad I did! You have what I need and I live in a VERY small town without any fabric shop near by (gasps) I know, awful! But you make it possible to bring the dream fabric shop to my home! Thanks!

    P.S. Where should I have posted this for the September drawing? I couldn't find.

  23. Hi
    A good friend recommended this site and I just love it. The material colors are just beautiful. i look forward to coming back to shop.
    My name is Shirley and my email is

  24. I just signed up for your news letter!!
    Thank you -Jodie