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Friday, October 31, 2008

Houston Quilt Market - Hurricane Damage

From the George Brown convention center where the fall version of international quilt market is held in Houston each year, you can still see many signs blown over and the telling scene downtown where the skyscrapers are still missing many windows, a month and a half after Hurricane Ike swept through town after destroying much of the gulf coast.

The weather was nice and clear while we were in town - high 70's and sunny! Much nicer weather than in Portland, Oregon where we live. In Portland, the rainy season begins in October/November and goes on through the spring time - yuk!Off to buy more fabric...

We spoke with Robyn Pandolph who lives in Galveston which was devastated by the Hurricane. Luckily for Robyn, her condo is several stories up, so she was not impacted severely like so many others in the area. I've seen some of the pictures where the beach front has been swept completely clean, and you can see sand and house foundations only. Very sad!

Robyn has a new line of fabric for RJR which debuts in February 2009 - Sumptuous Living. We'll be blogging about this fabric line at a future date -we can't wait to get it in! Here's a sneak preview of a few of the fabrics:

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